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Relief days: Release from everyday life - open for something new!

Relief days - the days before fasting - usually underestimated, but crucial to your fasting experience.

Strahlende Frau

The days of relief serve as preparation for the days of fasting. With them begins the time of gentle attunement to fasting. It is the start into a value-free as well as conscious time. It concerns in the special one the release of superfluous - it is unnecessary food or unnecessary stimuli from the outside or also from the inside.

Mental & physical preparation time

"Metime" boost but also everyday stress reduced: let go of stress, postpone or cancel appointments, relieve from tasks. Create a pleasant and harmonious atmosphere for yourself.

Why are relief days so important?

If one does not carry out these relieving days or very badly, it can come during the fasting days to increased suffering, since the body has to fight for example apart from the fasting adjustment then also still with intensified "detoxification and withdrawal symptoms", which can be released by the elimination of stimulants and junk food.

Skip coffee & sugar

Let's just take coffee, which many people love and drink so much, as an example. Almost everyone who drinks several cups of coffee a day in everyday life, and suddenly stops, will notice that sudden severe headaches and even migraines can follow. Since we do not want these phenomena during the fasting days, we switch the relief days before.

But it is not only coffee that leads to unpleasant withdrawal symptoms; the sugar we feed ourselves daily - whether consciously or mixed in with processed products - also makes us feel it when we stop consuming it.

Vegetable, plantbased wholefoods

The nutritional focus during the relief days is on a light, plant-based, vegan diet with reduced food intake until satiety is felt. At the same time, the amount of liquid is ramped up from still water and herbal teas.

A plant-based, vegan whole food diet provides the body with many, minerals, vitamins, fiber and antioxidants, among other things, which improve the body's alkaline balance and support detoxification.

As always, the products should be controlled-ecological cultivation and, if possible, regionality should be ensured, so that, among other things, no toxic foreign substances are absorbed.

Buntes Gemüse

Relief days relevant for success and a problem-free fasting period

To make your fasting time as pleasant as possible, we start in the course with enough relief days - to prepare body, soul and mind with enough time for the fasting days. You also want to benefit from this, then sign up now:


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