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Take care
of your
physical and mental health

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Are you looking for support on your way to a healthier and happier life? You would like to resolve the cause(s) of your complaints with natural healing methods? Would you like to analyze and reflect on your issues and develop solutions? With coaching for personal and professional situations as well as holistic optimization for body, mind and soul I help you to find answers and to manage situations.

100 % Compliance = 100 % Success

I build a bridge to holistic prevention and supportive therapy. It is about awareness and development as well as values and dignity. My focus is on the holistic prevention and supportive therapy of nutrition and lifestyle-related diseases. Body, mind and soul are one and are considered together in each of my offers for you.

My areas of focus include the following topics:

  • Fasting according to the Buchinger/Lützner method

  • Alkaline fasting

  • Gut/intestinal consultation

  • Bioresonance & frequency therapy

  • Detoxification

  • Nutrition

  • Phytotherapy

  • Burnout prevention / Resilience training

  • Relaxation & movement

  • Sleep improvement

I take time for you

It is my concern to find the cause(s) for your complaints and to help you via a natural way to eliminate them. 

We work together on an outpatient basis location-independent together, thanks to today's media, our cooperation is easy realize. 

Any day can be your first day - book a no-obligation, free initial meeting now:

Or start straight away:

"It always seems impossible until you've done it.." 
Nelson Mandela
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