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Healthy & Happy - Improve your life NOW!

On your way to (more) health, I support you through the therapies, applications and procedures that I mainly use. I show you ways that you can integrate well into your everyday life and thus brings you closer to your goal in a healthier and happier life.


I take time for YOU. Our collaboration takes place location-independent and online. Thanks to today's media diversity, we are still in close contact. The advantage for you is that you save travel time and you can make yourself comfortable at home in your feel-good zone. 


The goals of the coaching sessions are as individual as you are.  Do not feel life as a struggle, but accept it and heal yourself within yourself. For example, symptoms can arise from various life circumstances, diet, stress or anxiety. Let's tackle this together. Make your life happier, more relaxed and healthier, grow in fullness and awareness.

"You carry all the healing powers within you, the therapist can only help you to find them again." 
Richard Bach

Your cooperation is very important, because the best therapy cannot work if external influences that have a weakening effect on body, mind and soul are not changed.

100 % Compliance = 100 % Success

We work holistically on your individual goals and issues. I support you in defining and achieving your goals. Whether your goals are professional, personal or health related, I will help you unlock your potential and realize your dreams. We work closely together to provide you with the best possible support. We always consider all levels: Body, mind and spirit and you get full access to my knowledge and all application variations.

Experience fasting and you will love it! The fasting courses are tailored to individual needs and offer a way to cleanse and regenerate body, mind and spirit. As a medically certified fasting expert, I support you in finding the right approach for your fasting program and accompany you throughout your entire fasting journey, including joint relief days and build-up days.

You can enjoy your fasting journey individually, in a private small group - for example with your best friend or family -, or in a group course. 

I will gladly guide you in fasting according to the Buchinger/Lützner method or in alkaline fasting.

Your intestine is the center of your health. An optimally functioning digestive system can influence your well-being in many ways, from strengthening your immune system to improving your mood. If you're struggling with digestive issues, discomfort or other gut-related ailments, it's time to take action.

Discover a way to restore your energy and joy in life. Are you overwhelmed by chronic stress, emotional exhaustion and a feeling of emptiness? Burnout Coaching and Recilience Training offers you a comprehensive approach to breaking out of this vicious cycle and reclaiming a balanced, fulfilling life.

Any day can be your first day - book a no-obligation, free initial consultation now:

Every day can be your first!

"Life is a journey, not a destination." 
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Note: The methods presented here, both therapeutic and diagnostic, are natural healing methods and alternative applications, which are neither scientifically-school medicine proven nor recognized. Likewise, no healing promise is made. The methods are not a substitute for conventional medical treatment.

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