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Körper mit Darm und DNA

Intestinal / gut consulting

A healthy gut is the root of all health!

Intestinal Health

Your gut is the center of your health. An optimally functioning digestive system can affect your well-being in many ways, from boosting your immune system to improving your mood. If you're struggling with digestive issues, discomfort or other gut-related ailments, it's time to take action.

Among other things you suffer from

  • Allergies

  • Intolerances

  • Skin problems

  • Acne, blackheads, pimples

  • Red spots, eczema

  • Flatulence

  • Constipation

  • Diarrhea 

  • Bloated belly "food baby"

  • Overweight

  • Loss of appetite

  • Nausea after eating

  • Cramp-like pain

  • Heartburn or burning pressure in the chest

  • Acid reflux

  • Fatigue

  • Exhaustion

  • Concentration problems

  • Anxiety

  • (Permanent) stress

  • Caries

  • Aften?

The list is much longer, because our intestines have an impact on our entire body and starts at the top of the mouth.

Have you received antibiotic treatments in the past? Want to rebuild your intestinal flora?


Or have already received a diagnosis from your treating physician (usually gastroenterologist), and need support in solving or alleviating your cause or discomfort?


You have the following diseases and want support?

  • Chronic inflammatory bowel diseases, such as

    • Crohn's disease (inflammation of the intestine)

    • Collitis ulcerosa (chronic ulcerative inflammation in the colon)

    • Irritable colon (functional inflammation)

  • Diverticula (outward protrusion of the intestinal mucosa)

  • Polyps (protrusion of the intestinal mucosa towards the inside)

  • Hemorrhoids (enlargement of the cushions at the anus)

  • Dysbiosis / mycosis (infection by fungi)

  • SIBO/ small intestinal bacterial overgrowth

  • Allergies or intolerances such as

  • Coeliac disease

  • Gluten

If you recognize yourself here, or if discomfort is plaguing you, it's time to take action.

Our gut health consultation offers you a comprehensive solution to improve your digestion and enhance your well-being. During your individual consultation, you will learn how to improve your gut health from the ground up by making the right diet, food and lifestyle choices. You will be given the knowledge and tools to manage your digestive issues, discomforts and illnesses for the long term and restore a healthy balance in your gut.

Intestinal consultation 1:1 individually customized for you

Our gut health consultation offers you a comprehensive solution to improve your digestion and enhance your well-being. During your individual consultation, you will learn how to improve your gut health from the ground up by making the right diet, food and lifestyle choices. You will be given the knowledge and tools to manage your digestive issues, discomforts and illnesses for the long term and restore a healthy balance in your gut.

Take back control of your digestion and well-being. It's time to say goodbye to digestive issues.


Book a free initial meeting right now:

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  • What can I expect in the supervised online fasting course?
    Fasting in your own comfort zone with daily sharing, 10 live video meetings during the entire time and daily fasting talk during the fasting days. - Detailed guidance - Competent and empathetic fasting supervision - Gentle introduction through 5 relief days in preparation for fasting - Anti-parasite treatment - Relaxed fasting period of min. 6 fasting days without symptoms of detoxification or withdrawal (e.g. such as headaches) - Joint "Glauber magic" - Daily fasting talk via video meeting - Intestinal cleansing - Nurturing routines, such as dry brush massage - Morning activation - Movement exercises - Mindfulness exercises and meditations - Perception and breathing exercises - Introduction to Kneipp therapy - Guided relaxation sessions, such as progressive muscle relaxation - Interesting information about fasting, health and nutrition through impulse lectures and suggestions via video meeting - Tips and tricks - 6 healthy days as a gentle exit from fasting and a positive start to your new life - Chat group for a warm exchange - Delicious and simple recipes - Deep cleansing and regeneration of our organs and body - Relief of our digestive tract - Improvement of our acid-base balance - Activation of our self-healing powers
  • What is special about the fasting course?
    The fasting course is holistically structured: we not only deal with our body, but also include mind and soul. This time is about you and your needs! Despite the fact that it is about you, you are not alone. You will be accompanied daily and will always receive support. In the group course you also have the warm exchange with fellow fasters.
  • What am I allowed to eat/drink during fasting?
    Fasting is a conscious and voluntary renunciation of solid food, however, we may consume the following: - still water - herbal tea - fasting broth - fresh vegetable juice with a small amount of fruit - medicinal plant juices - lemons - honey Before and after the fasting period, i.e. during the relief days and build-up days, we eat an alkaline diet and enjoy delicious and simple dishes.
  • What do I need for the course?
    You will receive a detailed list of all the supplies you will need during your fasting journey. Among other things: - Irrigator (enema device) with 1-2 liter vessel. - 30-40cm intestinal tube - Herbal tea, especially green oat tea - If you like a juicer, if not you can use lactic fermented organic vegetable/fruit juices. If you want to go along with certain treats (not a must ;-)): - Dry brush - Face mask made of healing clay (natural cosmetics) - Coconut oil - Generally natural cosmetics, to do without chemical cosmetics But you will get all information in time :-)
  • Contraindications - who should not fast?
    There are a few contraindications with which you may not participate in fasting according to the Buching/Lützner Method: - During pregnancy & breastfeeding - Acute gastrointestinal inflammations - Chronic diseases (except in consultation with and certification of your attending physician) - Intestinal cancer (except in consultation with and certification from your physician) - Taking Marcumar - Eating disorders - Addictions (drug addiction, alcoholism, ...) - Psychological problems - Recently operated If you are unsure, please contact me or talk to your doctor. In consultation with your doctor we can make exceptions in some cases and you can fast. We will be happy to find another option, such as alkaline fasting, that you can participate in.
  • How many days can I fast?
    In the group course we usually spend 6 fasting days together. However, these can also be extended at your own request - let's talk about it if necessary. In the individual fasting course, we fully adjust to your needs: the pure fasting days can be between 5 and 10 days.
  • Why should I fast online/at home - and not book a course on site?
    Enjoy the ultimate fasting experience in your own familiar environment! There are many benefits to why you should experience your fasting journey online: Comfort & Intimacy Fasting is all about focusing on yourself, detoxifying your body, and clearing your mind. By fasting in your familiar surroundings, you create an atmosphere of comfort and familiarity that allows you to fully engage in your fasting journey. Also an important point for many: you don't have to stay anywhere overnight, you have your own bathroom and sleep in your own bed ;-) (no shared rooms or shared bathrooms). Flexibility Fasting at home means that you can set your own schedule and rules. You can choose when you want to fast. No restrictions by the opening hours of fasting centers or their house rules. It is your personal fasting journey, and you are in full control. You are also free to choose the place where you want to fast, no matter where you feel at home - you can participate from anywhere in the world. No extra vacation days needed Likewise, you don't need a vacation and can fast even while working. For the majority who have weekends off, we start our fasting and fasting days at the weekend so that the changeover takes place on the weekend and you can go back to work on Monday. (There are few exceptions where the job should not be done during the fasting days - but this is also individual). Of course, you should also schedule time for yourself in spite of work. Adaptability Every person is unique, and this also applies to the fasting process. If you are fasting at home, you can adapt your environment according to your own needs. For example, create a calm and relaxing atmosphere by listening to your favorite music, lighting candles, or wrapping up in your coziest clothes. Fasting becomes your own personal and customized experience. Privacy Fasting can be a transformative journey that brings emotional and physical changes. When you fast at home, you have the privacy you need to focus on your inner process without worrying about other people's stares. Leave the outside world outside and immerse yourself in your own fasting adventure. Support System Just because you're fasting at home doesn't mean you're on your own. You'll always have support, whether it's through our daily fasting talk, video calls, the fasting group, or your loved ones at home. Share your experiences, ask questions, and get inspired by others. Financial savings You save the money for the overnight stay in a fasting house or clinic. And you can put this money into a second fasting course per year or another investment in yourself. Family Likewise, you can continue to take care of your family, take care of children, household, or other obligations that you can't or don't want to just put off or hand over. Step into the beneficial experience of fasting - at home, where health and happiness begin!
"Your foods should be medicines - and your medicines should be foods."

Hippokrates – Greek physician

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