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Sabrina Herrenkind

Glad you are here! My name is Sabrina and I offer you a holistic optimization for body, mind and soul. My goal is to professionally support you on your personal path to a more carefree, healthier and more balanced life. I stand with both feet in life and build a bridge to holistic prevention and supportive therapy. It is about awareness and development as well as values and dignity. My focus is on the holistic prevention and supportive therapy of nutrition and lifestyle-related diseases. Body, mind and soul are one and are considered together in each of my offers for you.

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Our goal is to make you feel fantastic again and we achieve this through a holistic approach.

100 % Compliance = 100 % Success

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My Skills

My career path initially led me in a different direction, into IT, and I have been working for over 15 years in various HR areas (human resources) including management functions at national and also international level. 

In addition to this knowledge, I have completed the following educations:

  • medically certified Fasting Leader

  • medically certified Leader of Alkaline Fasting

  • certified Gut/Intestinal Consultant

  • certified (vegan) Nutritionist

  • certified Bornout Consultant (resilience/stress counseling)

  • certified Relaxation Trainer: progressive muscle relaxation

  • certified Fascia Trainer 

  • certified Fitness Instructor C

Furthermore, I like to educate myself, attend many lectures and read up on various topics, be it physical, psychological or energetic aspects.

My way of working

My approach is situational-intuitive, I don't follow a predefined approach. It is important for me to treat you and your topic individually. In the specific situation, no single method is decisive, but I work in a relationship-oriented manner and with depth. This is possible for me because of my many years of experience in working with people and the multitude of tools and alternative courses of action.


You will discard old behavior patterns as well as learn new ones and integrate them into your everyday life. We untangle situations, put them in order and help you to gain new insights so that you can go your new way.

Who am I?

I am a fresh, cheerful spirit and love to take my fellow men with my motivation and enthusiasm. Friends appreciate my structured and conscientious way of working, but also the courage to speak out even the uncomfortable. I like to integrate traditional knowledge of nature into modern everyday life.


Besides my interest in naturopathy, biohacking, mindfulness and energetics, sports are an integral part of my life. Various relaxation and mediation techniques as well as Kneipp and phythotherapy also serve as a balance.


I am very grateful to work with people and especially to accompany my clients on their way and to actively support their goal achievement. I stand by them professionally with advice and support.

„Let us be good to the body, that the soul may love to live in it.“ Teresa von Avila
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