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Do´s & Don´ts of the Reliefe Days

A short list of Do's & Don'ts for the relief days to achieve the best result even during the fasting days.

And especially to enjoy the fasting period without detox symptoms or other boo-boos!


  • Plenty of still water & herbal tea

  • Fresh, raw, ripe vegetables (preferably with plenty of bitter compounds; green leafy vegetables)

  • Fresh, raw, ripe fruit (berries (including frozen varieties) and other fruits)

  • Herbs and spices

  • High-fiber foods (e.g. flaxseed)

  • Dried fruits (best soaked overnight)

  • Nuts or almonds

  • Cold pressed olive oil



  • No animal products, such as meat, fish, cheese, dairy products, eggs

  • No wheat or spelt flour products

  • No sugar

  • Very little salt

  • No stimulants, such as sweets (not even chewing gum), coffee, alcohol, black/green tea, cigarettes....

  • Nothing industrially processed

  • Nothing deep-fried or fried in oil

  • No carbonated drinks, no sodas or other sweetened drinks

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