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The elements of fasting

Fasting and its foundation

elements of fasting

Therapeutic fasting or fasting for healthy people according to the Buchinger method is something completely natural. It is a conscious and voluntary renunciation - not only of food, but also of unnecessary things. We leave out what we do not need - what is not vital.

But at the same time, if necessary, we also introduce things that we have not done before: for example, relaxation sessions and exercise. But also supporting our excretory organs, especially the intestines, which some people don't consider quite so important.

Or others who think they'd rather leave out everything about food, since it's better to do without everything when fasting -> which is a very big mistake..... but more about that in another post.

We detach from everyday life - or at least try to, reduce what can be omitted. Of course, if you fast while you work, you can't leave it out, but you can still build in nice times that do justice to fasting.Also I fast often during I also work, because let's be honest, it is nevertheless a luxury to grant itself a time-out in a chamfering center far away from everything and bspw. the family itself at home to leave or from the vacation also still 1-2 weeks abzuzwacken.And despite all "distraction" at home, one can arrange the times and give to the body, the soul and the spirit which it requires!

And what can follow the fasting time and the healthy build-up days also always, is the simpler entrance into a healthier, happier life and nourishing style.

Everyone can fast!

Everyone can fast! But fasting the right way? When you fast, do you always follow all the cornerstones? The 7 elements in fasting support us in doing it correctly and optimally.

You want support for your next (or first) fasting experience or need the team feeling to "stick it out", then just contact me:


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