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Fasting:"The mind builds the body" - Socrates

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

Socrates already taught us that body and mind must live in harmony - that "the mind builds the body".

Fasting brings body, mind & soul in harmony

Body and mind and soul are connected with each other and form a balance, as soon as one level is in imbalance, this has effects on all levels. Fasting can help us to find our center again or to get closer to it. Science has also repeatedly established what Socrates also taught.

Fasting is a holistic medium, which includes all aspects for body - mind - soul.

Our lifestyle determines our life expectancy as well

According to the motto "Lifestyle matters", our lifestyle determines our life expectancy and our state of health both physically and mentally and spiritually.

To enable a way out of abundance and unbridled consumerism towards a "healthy lifestyle", fasting can support us.

Likewise, we reach a step further into an equilibrium of our inner balance point, to our inner peace.

„What the eyes are for the outer world, fasts are for the inner.“ - Mahatma Gandhi

Fasting - activation of self-healing powers

Mankind has always been characterized by fasting. Regardless of era and religion, fasting has always played a role in life.

Fasting cleanses our body, our organs have the opportunity to recover and even regenerate, diseases can be contained, mental and spiritual tensions are relieved, sensitivity and thinking ability are increased.

Courage to say "YES!

Fasting also means courage - courage to say "YES!" and to get to know oneself and one's body better, as well as to build confidence in one's own powers and strengths.

Fasting is for each person - as well as each personality itself - an individual world.

Everyone experiences time differently, has different encounters with themselves, different demands, different appearances. Just as we are all different, each fasting person brings with them different prior experiences, destinies, dispositions, and demands, and experiences their Lent differently, despite being in community.

Mindfulness (perceiving moments in a value-free and conscious way), self-discovery and self-knowledge can also have their place in fasting. Fasting people can experience personal growth or get to know their own needs better. Positive as well as negatively burdened topics can come up, one can see more clearly and possibly also simply go more courageously into a different future. It offers a good opportunity to break with old habits. Leave out what is not essential, accept things and do not close yourself off to them.

Inner balance

As Ruediger Dahlke also wrote: "Eating and fasting belong together, like waking and sleeping, breathing in and breathing out. They are two sides of the same coin. Our very natural rhythm of life embraces both poles - we live a constant alternation between periods of eating and fasting. Only the rhythm is changeable, the thing itself is not."

Fasting is something completely natural in which the body switches from energy program 1 - supply from the outside - to energy program 2 - supply from the inside - and thus the body nourishes itself from its depots. The body's own healing powers are mobilized and clarity and order are created in the body's functions. The fasting metabolism takes effect and the inner physician is activated.

Say YES to your fasting journey

Let your self-healing powers take over, bring body, mind and soul into harmony and register for your fasting experience now:

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